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Your Favourite Hair Stylists

In Spruce Grove, AB
The Parlour Salon

Expertise + Award-Winning Style = Unrivaled Experience

The Parlour Salon is your premier salon in the heart of Spruce Grove, AB. Our hair stylists are some of the industry’s most experienced and innovative. Our friendly professionals have been immersed in the most advanced, industry-leading training and are compassionate about capturing each client’s unique vision and identity. We put special care into every detail of the salon experience to exceed your expectations with every visit. A fun and inviting atmosphere combined with our award-winning expertise and eco-friendly practices will lavish you with the beauty and luxury you deserve.

beautiful woman with curly red hair
Your Vision

Let Us Make It a Reality

The Parlour Salon was built for the sole purpose of creating impeccable hair. Our stylists have trained and competed around the world to provide you with nothing but the best – because you and your hair deserve it. Our versatile stylists pride themselves on designing inspired haircuts and styles for your hair and your hair only. We offer haircuts for men, women, and kids, along with blow-drying and styling treatments, long hair styling, an array of coloring treatments, and bridal services. You have a diverse vision – let us make it a reality.

Get Started

Transform Your Look into a Conversation-Starter

The Parlour Salon is your leading salon for all your styling needs. Whether it’s cutting and styling, coloring and texturizing, getting you ready for your wedding day, or simply just a night out, let us transform your look today. Our innovative stylists have the passion, advanced training, and timeless and contemporary expertise to craft the perfect salon experience for every customer. You will leave with beauty, confidence, and a genuinely unique style tailored specifically for you.

102 Deer Park Dr, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3J6, Canada